Traditional scratch cards are very fun to play, but over the years, it has developed into something more innovative and more developed into more convenient. For many, it is some sort of recreation but for others, this popular gambling activity is their key to becoming rich.

Winning millions of pounds with a very minimal effort and investment is surely everyone’s dream, and the most notable advantage for this is that scratch cards now be played online. Virtual scratch cards, just like any other online casino games can be accessed through a mobile device and a computer and to add more, one of its biggest advantage is that its minimum prize money is £10,000 with a ticket merely costs around 10 cents each.

It is also needed to mention that the majority of the online and mobile casinos offer scratch card games for free with bonuses and bankrolls on top of it, even though that it only costs not bigger than £10, in virtual scratch cards which if you think about it will surely can go a long way in terms of its sum.

Just a brief history, scratch cards have been around since the 1970s in the United States by a group of American computer scientists in an aim to add more options to people who are fond of buying lottery tickets. One of their aims was to allow people to know instant results instead of waiting for the scheduled announcements of their lucky numbers in lottery systems.

Today, virtual scratch cards are not just a piece of small paper, because of the tons of online bonuses and perks that awaits mobile gamblers that patronize this. The conventional scratch cards that can be bought in lottery stations are still very popular among the masses but slowly, its online or virtual counterpart has tremendously gained ground for the past years.

Aside from being relatively cheap, virtual scratch cards have lesser risks considering that the online and mobile gambling comes with a lot of risks especially when it comes to security and safety because you are not required to invest in large amounts of money. This is also keeping your safe from financial hazards.

Its bonuses are very similar when you register an account in an online casino that is why a lot of people plays virtual scratch cards. Virtual scratch cards with a bonus is easier to find, all you have to do is to search the internet for the most reliable virtual lottery sites or mobile casinos that offer this game.

There are already countless winners in virtual scratch cards that validate its legitimacy in the world of online gambling. It made regular patrons into mystery multi-millionaires. According to some reports in the UK, the biggest virtual scratch card winner was in 2014 when a man who remained to keep his identity confidential won £4 million from buying a £10 lottery card.

Another winner, who revealed his identity in the name of Ross Hearst also won £4 million two years after the mystery winner won the biggest virtual scratch card jackpot prize. Hearst who admitted that he rarely buy virtual scratch cards was convinced to buy again after remembering his modest win a few months back and never thought of winning that large amount of purse.